Getting and gutting the bus

In planning a three month family roadtrip in the USA, transport and accommodation were key considerations. AU$100/night for motels and AU$80/day for minivan hire over 90 days would be $16,000, plus flights, fuel, food, entertainment and so on. RV hire might be $150+/night and $5,000 for the mileage alone, getting close to a similar figure. So we looked into buying an old shuttle bus, making a quick overhaul and hitting the road.

Everyone pitched in cleaning out the bus to prepare it for our trip. We removed all but five seats (driver and four passengers in the first row behind), took out the dead wheelchair lift, visited a dump and a wrecker, and then cleaned each surface. We left the existing grooved flooring. Over time, we slowly scraped off the decals that had been left on the vehicle.